Logo Tiger Plus supplying the demands of the companies' all operations and reports of financial operation, accounting, fixed asset and production departments, is the most demanded program in its segment.

Logo Tiger Plus is an ERP solution which supports your company's growth process fully. With the multi currency support, different language options and possibilities of international reporting, it is your supporter in the cross border needs.

You only do your purchasing and selling operation from trade module with Logo Tiger Plus Logo Tiger Plus will do automatic recording operation to all other modules. Get rid of making your calculations by hand or excel. Growing your business depends on making correct decisions. The reports that Logo Tiger Plus serve will be the best supporter to make correct decisions.

You only focus on growing your business


Material Management
Purchasing Management
Sales Management (Campaign)
Finance Management
General Accounting
Fixed Assets Management
Serial Lot, ,Stock Place Follow up
Inflation Accounting
Additional Tax (OTV, OIV)
Demand Management
Management Console
Warranty Management
Task Timer
Work Flow
Project Follow up
Practical Table and Pivot Reports
Report Former and Interface Application
Distribution Management (transport, packaging)
Proposal Management
Financial Consolidation
Tiger Plus Navigator
B2B - B2C
Foreign Language - German
Lisans Proje bazlıdır
Eğitim Proje bazlıdır
Bank Transfer
Credit Card
It can be increased up to 51 users.
Infinite number of period can be opened for 50 companies.
It has a user frendly interface.
Using is easy after the trainings taken.
It has Trade - Accounting - Fixed Asset - Production modules.
It supplies all the demands of all kind of companies.
The operations can be done with the desired foreign currrency besides TL.
Standard reports comes ready for all the printers.
It is updated continously according to the changing laws.
With the instantly changing management console the reports are in your hand any time.
Logo Tiger PLUS supplies all the demands of the company.

You can change video wiew quality