Enterprise MMPlus

Bordro Plus which can be used independently, also can operate with Go Plus, Tiger Plus and Tiger Enterprise products integratedly, is an excellent payroll recording and follow up program for all small and medium sized companies. Bordro Plus, supplies all the demands of laws of employees registered to Social Security Foundation (4-a). With the flexible and easy usage it replies to the needs of registry and wage management of all companies and companies employing seasonal workers. The automation of payroll operations, legal procedures and reports minimizes the need for law knowledge provides work force savings.

The rich reporting technology of Bordro Plus gives possibility to effective management. For example; you will give rewards to the employees working for 5 years, you can get the reports of employees of 5 years, you can easily determine how many reward order will be made or by reaching to all the employee information you can detemine the ratio of your employees who have university degree to all employees by reports easily.

With Employee Registry Management, you can follow up the effective employee registry information,with Payroll Calculation Module it can calculate the detailed wage, extra work and other additional payments easily, With Debt /Advance management, in the following of the job advances of the employees, wage advances and costs, you can divide the debt and determine the payment plans. With permission management you can plan and watch all kinds of permission of your employees. Also, with Logo Bordro Plus, you can manage your work flows, you can reach to your information from everywhere by web, you can report and analyze all of your data.

Your best helper in complex wage calculations; Logo Bordro Plus


Registry Management
Payroll Calculation
Debt / Advance Management
Permission Management
Work Flow Management
Wage Budget Simulation
Management Decision Support
Logo Go Plus
Logo Tiger Plus
Logo Tiger Enterprise
Licence 1.800 TL + VAT
Bank Transfer
Credit Card
**25 companies infinite number of period can be opened.
**It has a user friendly interface.
**It is easy to use.
**It has modules of Registry - Payroll - Debt / Advance -Permission -Work Flow - Wage Simulation.
**It answers to all the needs of SMEs more than needed.
**Standard reports are coming ready for all printers.
**It is fully adapted to the changing laws.
**Social Security declarations can be taken easily from the system.
Logo Bordro Plus supplies the demands of all calculations, following and legal declarations of employee wage and additional payments more than needed.

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