E-Defter Logo Start

Turkey entered a new period since 2013 september. For a neary 1o years time, e-state projects are going on for continously.

With the application according to the VEDOP (Tax automation project) that is applied by dividing to phases by the revenue administration , the companies that provide certain criteria must use e-invoice. To state it simply, the companies gross sales of which (the amount on the top of income statement - VAT not included) must pass to e-invoice until the end of 2013. The companies which want to use e-invoice according to their desire, can apply to the revenue administration.

When the many factors like post -cargo expenses, delivery of invoice, accepted or not, paper savings are considered it will be understood better that it is very useful application in the following years.

Logo that is the most important supporter of the compaines in accounting, finance, personnel and in many sectors for 30 years, will be the best supporter in the new period with the e-invoice software.



* e- invoice (sales) will be prepared from the normal
invoice screen.

*If you have to use e-invoice and

and if your customer is also e-invoice user you MUST use e-invoice.

* Although you have to use e-invoice, if your customer is not e-invoice user, you will prepare paper invoice to these.

* by 10.10.2013 there are 608 companies in e-invoice user list.



Until the end of 2013 this number will increase rapidly.

*In the system, the acceptance/rejecting/return operations of the e-invoices can be done.




It changes according to the volume of the invoice, for how many companies it will be used.

Please call for the details.

0216- 399 28 60


1- The revenue administration application

2- Taking financial stamp - digital signature

3- Buying Logo e-invoice software

4- Configuration of Logo e-invoice in the system

5- Starting to use


Logo e-invoice application works integratedly with the below Logo programs.

1- Go Plus

2- Tiger Plus

3- Tiger Enterprise

4- J-Guar



Bank transfer

Credit Card